Interior Decorating: Transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving Decor

thanksgiving transition cover

Before you go packing up your pumpkins, there are very simple ways to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor. October to December are arguably the busiest couple of months in the year and the holidays are to blame for that. With how much thought and time goes into interior decorating, it’s only fair that we have it up long enough to enjoy. Although your skeleton and spider webs are definitely not making the cut, Halloween and Thanksgiving share many aesthetic similarities. 

Our guest designer Jessica is back in this blog for easy ideas on how to transition your Halloween to Thanksgiving decor. Plus, like the dutch apple pie you always leave room for, we saved our best tip for last! 

Pumpkin Pie and Everything Nice

thanksgiving kitchen decor

I love changing the decor in my kitchen tray! This time I stuck to neutral colors. The sparkly pumpkin on the cake stand is the main focus. I then put little white and beige pumpkins in a cookie jar to compliment the sparkly pumpkin and added the candle as a third element – “Pumpkin Pie” scented, of course. This soy candle smells even better knowing that it’s made locally here in Michigan! 

thanksgiving fireplace decor

If you can recall, these window panes were covered in spider webs and guarded by a bat last month. I swapped the spooky decorations for this wreath of sunflowers. The tall vases on either side add height, and the accessories help fill in void space. The lantern and the dark brown basket help dress up the fireplace, while the blanket adds a soft texture to the space. 

pumpkin decor

I stuck to a color scheme when decorating the top of the cabinet. This wicker magazine holder for the sunflowers set the tone for a rustic aesthetic. I did a little art and crafts project using the white wood crate and filled it with pumpkins and acorns, using a hot glue gun to be sure they stuck together. The crochet pumpkin, wicker magazine holder, burlap runner, and wood crate all add warm textural elements to the bright display. 

corner shelf decor

This top shelf is narrow and can’t hold a lot. In our Halloween blog post, I emphasized the fact that you CAN make the MOST of a small space! With that in mind, I kept it simple with a neutral vase and greenery. Below, I propped a small wood crate perpendicular and put two stakes of pumpkins in it. I always have the two picture frames of my babies displayed somewhere in my house, of course! The stack of books helped add height to the “hello fall” sign to prevent the “happiness” picture frame from being similar height to the frame. Lastly, I used a picture frame and flipped it upside-down to create some height to the pumpkin on the bottom shelf. 

wood shelf decor

Like I said, always stick to a color scheme! The two framed photos compliment each other beautifully, without being blatantly redunant. For this display, I used a bucket and filled it with pumpkins and hot glued them together so they wouldn’t fall out. I really wanted to make sure the bucket of pumpkins was prominently displayed, so I used a wedge and hammered a nail through it and into the bucket. It’s always fun to get creative (and get out the toolbox). 

EAT shelf decor

I love a good centerpiece! “EAT” was obviously the main focus for these kitchen shelves. Originally a rustic brown, I took black acrylic paint to the letters to better fit the modern decor in our house. Another rule of thumb when designing is to create balance. Getting creative with the cake stand, I put coffee mugs inside to compliment the mug tree on the right. Wood, glass, and greenery were a variety of textures used in the aesthetic of this display. 

Thanksgiving Traditions

Last but not least – a proper Thanksgiving table setting! Although you may be celebrating the holiday differently this year, don’t let a change of plans ruin your tradition of decorating. Nothing gets your guests eager for dinner like having a beautiful place to eat. Balance is key when decorating a table whether it be a round, square or rectangle shape. There really are no exceptions to the rules of setting the flatware. Forks on the left, knife and spoon on the right. The real fun happens with the decorative napkins and centerpiece. Add a personalized name tag to truly make your guests feel taken care of!

thanksgiving table setting

Thank you for reading along! That is all for my Halloween to Thanksgiving transition. These holidays, with their similar aesthetics such as warm colors and pumpkins, make decorating easy! Follow along with Alpha to Omega’s Pinterest board and save these images!