We are looking to build your community

because it’s our community too

Alpha to Omega Properties is so-named because it is our intent to provide our customers with the full range of products and services required to exceed the vision of our client’s property from beginning to end.

Through the years we have cultivated long-term relationships with highly-skilled, reliable trade partners with whom we work closely to guarantee achieving the high level of quality that we insist upon for all of our customers.

With an eye to the future, we are engaged in training a new generation of skilled tradesmen to carry the company into the future.

Our vision

Just as we believe that a home is more than a roof and walls, we believe that a community is more than buildings and businesses. We’re committed to giving back and improving the way that our neighbors work and live. Instead of siloed districts, we want to build neighborhoods that support the needs, experiences and lifestyles of the people who live there. Big parcels of city-owned land exist waiting to become thriving, well-lit, vibrant communities. We stand poised to explore ways to utilize shipping container structures and other strategies to establish diverse and sustainable communities in those spaces.


Our customers determine the style of our build-to-suit homes, everything from Dutch Colonial to modern industrial Container Homes. Alpha to Omega also designs and constructs remodel and expansion projects.


Maybe your business has outgrown its current space and needs an addition, or perhaps you want to remodel to prepare for your next big project? We will optimize your space so that you can focus on delighting your customers.


Do you have a factory that’s in need of a remodel, or needs to be updated? We have experience in parking lots and drainage, floors, roofs, air systems, showroom displays, to name just a few.