Simple Fixes, Big Difference: Updating Your Home On a Budget

Updating your home may sound like a daunting and expensive task, but there are many simple fixes that make a BIG difference. Follow along with Alpha to Omega on Pinterest for all of our saved pins relating to the blog below.

Has the stay at home order has made you beyond tired of your crown molding? Maybe you can no longer stand the tile in the entryway. It is common for homeowners to grow out of their former style. With Pinterest at our fingertips, inspiration is too. If you’re feeling the itch to update your space – keep reading! Below, Alpha to Omega shares some budget-friendly fixes to help you get out with the old and in with the new. 

1. Modernize your light fixtures

This is one simple fix that designers at Alpha to Omega really love. If you’re up for a DIY project, grab a can of spray paint! Whether you have a flush mount or a ceiling fan, truly any fixture can be transformed with a spray paint color of your choosing. If you have a chandelier or pendant light, replace the bulb shade with something more modern, as we see below. If you’re going for a farmhouse or industrial look, hop on the trend of exposed Edison bulb lighting

2. Replace your vinyl blinds

Swapping old vinyl blinds for the wider wood or faux wood blinds on the window is another easy and relatively cheap upgrade that makes a big impact. Wood blinds, unlike white blinds and shades, will add a nice touch of warmth and texture to your space! 

3. Update with a wider trim

Adding a wider trim on your baseboards can be a bit expensive, but it’s another project that can be done DIY style. Seen below, this DIY-er simply added above their existing baseboards and painted in-between for the ultimate illusion of wider trim! As another option, this blogger, Sarah from Pewter and Sage, found success in using RapidFit composite trim, which installs directly over your short baseboards. 

4. Say, “Hello!” to a new front door

There are SO many ways to update your front door. Since it is one of the first things people see of your home, why not put some effort into it! Besides simply repainting it, you could: 

  • Stain it 
  • Replace the doorknob
  • Add a keyless “smart lock”
  • Replace the glass
  • Add a window
  • Finish it off with an adorable welcome mat! 

5. Repaint your kitchen cabinets

A kitchen remodel may be on top of everyone’s “Honey-Do” list. Before you get too eager and pick out a color – be sure you’ve done your count of doors and drawers! Now, even before painting, be sure your cabinets are in good condition for a remodel. This step typically involves sanding, gluing and removing hardware. Finally, it’s time to paint (or spray paint). As the cherry on top – replace your old door handles and knobs with something more modern

6. Add a large rug to your space

Although everyone seems to be tearing carpet OUT, big rugs are still IN. A new rug can bring a beautiful pop of color into the space and makes for a cozy gathering area.

7. Add a fun wallpaper to a wall or two!

No, this is NOT the wallpaper your mom’s house had! Quirky wallpaper has been all the rave lately. Brands like Walls Need Love have designed easy-to-install (and easy to remove) wall murals that bring color and LIFE to any room! Check out this application tutorial from Twist Me Pretty! 

At Alpha to Omega, we know that homeowner’s style is always changing. We believe in your home being a space that is unique to you. Renovations don’t have to empty your pockets – start with a small change and see what a difference it makes! Did something from this blog appeal to your inner DIY-er? Head over to our Pinterest board at @A2O_Properti where we saved these ideas and more!