From the Designers Desk: Meet the Designer

Alpha to Omega is a company of comprehensive talent and we caught up with the woman behind the blueprints and sawdust, Dee Tignanelli. 

With a beautiful stately atmosphere, we sat in the Hamilton Room of the Wyndgate Country Club – one of A2O’s biggest projects to date. Settled in our leather armchairs in the federalist style clubhouse, fireplace crackling – we got started with the interview. 

How would you describe your style? 

Well, that depends on the job. Between commercial and residential design, the style and goals of the space can be very different. Regardless, I like to get to know the style of the client – what inspires them, what they envision the end product to look like. From there, I aim to bring their idea to reality. 

At home, my personal style is traditional but updated with a modern touch – whether it’s a lighting piece or throw pillow. 

What are some fundamental rules that you follow as a designer?

I actually have two rules. The first is to always create balance in my design – not necessarily symmetry – but balance. I’m not trying to just fill a space, I want to create one. Secondly, everything I do in my designs serves a purpose. Functionality is huge in making the most of a room. Every decision I make is made with a purpose. If something is there, it’s there for a reason. 

What questions are important for you to ask your clients? What is important to know before getting started?

I always ask for inspirational photos. Since photos are so readily available, it’s the easiest way to see their vision for the job. Oftentimes, they are photos of a space that isn’t realistically comparable to the size of theirs. Still, it is my mission to make alterations and create their dream room. I also encourage my clients to choose one inspiration piece. This could be a painting, a rug, or even a vase – anything they admire that will help set the tone for the space.

What are some of the most interesting requests you’ve received from a client? 

I managed to fit a slide inside a child’s bedroom that slid down to his playroom. There was also a 6×6 train table that we custom-built with a tunnel underneath. They’re so small, so the middle of the table was hard to get to. The tunnel allowed them to come up to an opening in the middle, so the children could reach across and play from all angles. 

What has been your favorite project so far? 

This, the Wyndgate. We started it back in 1995 and opened the clubhouse doors in 1997. The inspiration was drawn from Jeffersonian architecture, a style that came about from Thomas Jefferson. Like Jefferson’s home in Virginia, Monticello, the Wyndgate also sits on a hilltop. We separated the Clubhouse into three buildings so that from the front, the club looks smaller, but in the back, you can see the three buildings all connect. We’ve done updates since then, but the style will always remain the same. 

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

From Dee Tignanelli you can expect attention to time, space and detail. Alpha to Omega brings over 20 years of experience in construction and design – bringing your projects from concept to completion. A2O is a member of the International Interior Design Association. Reach out today and see what the company can do for you.