Remodeling without Replacing: Community Church Transformation

If Sunday morning had a smell, it would be fresh black coffee. Since Alpha to Omega flipped the interior design of Grace Lutheran Church, coffee is the first thing community members smell upon being welcomed into the newly remodeled lobby. 

Encouraging Community

Pastor Eric Majeski worked with Alpha to Omega to create a space that better celebrates what Grace Church values: showing love and sharing life. Without the proper gathering space, churchgoers were missing their chance to mingle. Alpha to Omega believes in design with functionality – the ultimate goal for this remodel. It was time to flip this lobby from cramped to open-concept.

Opening Up Space

The church’s lobby was outdated – a 1990’s, transitional style that was last touched in 2005. Because of the size of the lobby, much of the church’s extracurricular activities took place in the gym. Alpha to Omega decided to, quite literally, break down the walls that kept this space from its true capabilities.


Removing the fireplace wall gave the lobby nearly 100 square feet of extra space! Alpha to Omega chose to replace it with a sleek, modern, electric fireplace. Remodeling the rest of the space included a modern gray color palette that was cohesive with the rest of the church. ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant laminate wood floor brought light into the gathering space compared to the dark carpet seen before. The new furniture fits into space perfectly – making guests feel comfortable and more apt to sit and talk with one another. Coffee was no longer getting cold in the gym across the hall the staff saw a much larger crowd before and after worship once the coffee was available in the lobby. 

A Brighter Future

Alpha to Omega knows that first impressions are crucial. This remodeled lobby is sure to welcome every community member that walks through its doors. No longer just a space to pass through, this remodel of the Grace Church lobby has made the space somewhere for the community to gather. 

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