Bed & Breakfast Transformation

bed & breakfast

Family is the one thing that hasn’t changed about this former bed & breakfast. The novelty in owning an old home is learning about the history behind it. Throughout the years, this beautiful lakefront property has housed generations of friends and families. 


Believe it or not, this now 8? bedroom cottage was once a quaint 2 bedroom home. 10 years after the original build in 1976, the property started to grow to fit its occupants. In the mid-’80s a 2-story turret, or a small tower, (yes, the thing that looks like a castle) was added along with a large recreation room. 

bed & breakfast


8The real work on this property began in the ’90s when the garage was converted into an open concept living room and extra bath. We can just hear the former homeowner now – 

“Honey, what do you say we use the garage for something OTHER than your lawn toys…” 


Deer Lake Bed & Breakfast went from a dream to a reality in 1994. An entire second floor was added along with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. Couples staying at Deer Lake enjoyed their own private space, catered meals, and access to the beach. 


After a wildly successful decade, Deer Lake Bed & Breakfast was eventually sold and enjoyed by a few different families. Alpha to Omega was hired for an almost total renovation in 2014. The main projects included new floors, a new kitchen, and a new fireplace.   

When asked for advice on the challenge of decorating so many rooms, Dee Tignanelli recommends having a theme for every room to keep each one unique. When asked what it is that makes a house a home, she said,Always take into consideration how the family will be using the space. Functionality and versatility is everything.” Alpha to Omega specializes in both residential and commercial design. So, get in touch today with us today!