Kitchen Remodel

After our client’s kitchen was ruined due to a water leak, the opportunity for a fresh start arose. Alpha to Omega was brought in to remodel the space, but all the while keeping the same basic footprint. To brighten things up, A2O went with white cabinets and a light subway tile backsplash. The kitchen was originally all hardwood flooring before A2O switched it for a pet-friendly and water-resistant tile. The wine rack, a custom addition by Alpha to Omega, fulfilled our client’s desire to have their collection at close reach but well blended with the rest of the cabinetry. The cherry on top of any kitchen, a quartz countertop, compliments the island beautifully with navy blue speckles throughout. And with all that kitchen island, why not make the most of the space? A2O added a pop-up outlet that hides seamlessly when not in use.