Church Fellowship

When selecting the design for the renovated gathering area, we wanted to be sure to keep the room open and welcoming. We envisioned families and friends gathering for celebrations as well as the congregational weekly meetings for church and other functions. They asked for a room with space to mingle yet plenty of seating for fellowship. It needed to be welcoming for guests of all ages. We achieved this by keeping the vast majority of the flooring hard surface. This makes it easy to maneuver baby strollers as well as wheelchairs or walkers. We selected a color scheme that complemented the existing areas that were not being renovated. We needed the existing areas to blend with the newly modernized area. By introducing multiple seating areas, guests now gather throughout the entire space rather than congregating in one small area. Having the pathway flooring lead from the main door of the building and continue to the sanctuary allows for a natural divide keeping the walkway open.