Board-formed Concrete: A Stunning Architectural Effect

Did you know concrete is the most commonly used material, next to water?

In fact, concrete is enjoying a resurgence in the building industry. Board-formed concrete is not only environmentally friendly, it’s one of the hottest trends in architecture. Board form concrete combines the clean modern aesthetic of concrete with the warmth and texture of wood, making it a unique and beautiful design element.

Keep on reading to learn more about incorporating board-formed concrete into your design!

What Is Board-formed Concrete?

Board-formed concrete is a technique for pouring concrete walls, it uses a structure of individual boards rather than a large flat sheet of plywood or metal. The wet concrete is poured into the wooden board forms and when it dries the concrete has the impression of the wooden boards. This gives the concrete the organic texture and warmth of a wood grain pattern.

Board form of concrete texture can vary depending on the materials used to make the forms. That ability allows space for creative expression.

The boards are placed vertically or horizontally as well as the lines and depth of the grain adjust based on the design goals. Techniques like sandblasting can accentuate the wood grain for projects where the design calls for a more natural or rustic look.

Greener Building

Building and designing with the environment in mind has never been more important than it is now. Concrete has a long history of use as a building material, but it remains one of the more Earth-friendly choices for building.

The resurgence of concrete in modern architecture and interior design does owe a lot to environmentalism. The green building trend introduced to concrete to a new generation of designers and gave it new life. Many of the most cutting-edge designers are thinking green, and they are designing in concrete.

Concrete is durable and long-lasting, it is naturally insulating, and it’s amazingly versatile. The versatility of concrete as a building material and also as an aesthetic choice is what makes it so popular.

Design Trends

Durability board-form concrete uses both interior and exterior design. Design magazines have us seeing it used for interior accent walls, backsplashes, and kitchen islands. On the exterior, there is a trend for whole homes’ built-in wood-textured concrete.

We are seeing it used to soften the exterior walls of minimalist homes, connecting them to the landscape. Blending the modern look and color of the concrete with the organic texture of the wood gives them a more natural feeling. The contrast strikes a unique balance between modern and rustic.

Landscape design uses board-form concrete that creates beautiful results. Retaining walls and planter beds that both stand out and blend into the surrounding landscape.

Designing with Board-formed Concrete

We hope that you enjoyed reading about the many uses of board-formed concrete. The unique and striking beauty perfects the design!

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